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Flash of Inspiration

  Will you recognize that flash of inspiration when it appears. An idea that falls out of the sky and, for some reason, this time, your mind-body connection grabs hold like never before. July of 2011, I was working in our clinic pharmacy on the hospital campus. In walks a patient looking to ask a question. Always, they would tell us, that the pharmacist at their big pharmacy was too busy to be bothered with medication questions. This one time in particular, a patient had a question about the estrogen blocker called tamoxifen. As we know, this medication has many counseling points, as well as significant black box warnings. The idea dropped and I caught it. What if a patient or caregiver could visit a website, developed by a community pharmacist, and listen, in simple language, to all the FDA required counselling points about any specific medication? The intention is not replace the important face-to-face counseling; however, provide the consumer with a baseline education so

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