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Community Pharmacists and Productivity

I was looking through some old articles and found this one from 2013. Interestingly, 8 years later, it is as accurate a description of what we do now as it was then. Owning a pharmacy can be an expensive proposition. I can only imagine what it might be like to own 1000 plus pharmacies and try to manage them. If I were a non-pharmacist and sitting in an office somewhere, I would want some sort of measurement to gauge how all of my pharmacies were running. Perhaps I would wonder what my pharmacists did all day with their tasks, so I may ask them to document each step of their day and enter it into flow charts. Then I would be in a position to measure each store to the other to see how productive one store was compared to the other. Maybe, just maybe, I should visit each store and talk with the pharmacists that work at that site. Perhaps the pharmacists may have some input as to how the store may be staffed and worked to become more patient centered. The pharmacist may have this idea on

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