Hindsight Accuracy

Hindsight always appears to be more accurate than future sight. 

Past Steve is super excited for current Steve.

Past Steve worked really hard for the 32 years, allowing current Steve to retire early from his full time community pharmacy position and take up a part time hospital pharmacy position.

This allows current Steve the opportunity to turn the work week upside down, work 2 days and be off 5 days most weeks.

Current Steve really enjoys this life, taking advantage of the time for long walks with his wife, bicycle rides and running, home projects, and plenty of opportunity to stay up-to-date on current professional world involvement.

That said, current Steve would have liked past Steve to have devoted a little more attention to his relationships, exercise, diet and yard maintenance (for starters).

The problem was, past Steve was busy focusing on his work life and his time for his personal needs appeared limited.

The unknown here is what will future Steve think of current Steve’s lifestyle. What would 10-year older future Steve tell me today if he could?