Stay Present

This morning my wife and I were chatting and she said that she has noticed a change in me. She said she feels like I have Dropped-In to myself.

This was interesting and started a lovely conversation. I was curious about what she meant.

She reminded me that, over the years, as work had become more and more challenging on both my physical and emotional time, I had not been as aware of my surroundings.

She shared with me that, of course, my behavior had been meticulous where the practice of pharmacy had been concerned; however, at times, I possibly was not as aware of what was happening directly around me in my physical and emotional life.

Perhaps I didn't notice a lovely and romantic gesture that came my way, or maybe after rinsing out my coffee cup in the sink I didn't realize there was still coffee splashed around the inside of the sink.

She assured me, these were not necessarily do-or-die situations and she understood I had quite a bit on my work plate; however, she was aware, and would bring it up now and again for a friendly discussion.

Four months after being retired from my position of the last 32 years and beginning a new half-time- retirement position in the local hospital, she has noticed a difference.

Visibly and lovingly, I have Dropped-In to my situational awareness and am able to be insurmountably more present to my partner, as well as the life I am living today.

What tools do you use to stay present in today's busy world? 

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