Gravity of Her Situation

She came into the quiet clinic pharmacy, by herself, on a recent Saturday morning. 

Just the day before she had been into the pharmacy and picked up her blood pressure (amlodipine) and cholesterol (simvastatin) medications.

At nearly 87 years old, she still has strength in her stride and a strong back; however, her face mask hangs obstinately under her chin and the look in her eye is anything but soft and understanding. 

She is defiantly in control of her misguided outcome. 

She shows me the two receipts from yesterday, but only has one bottle. Adamantly she states she only received one of her medications yesterday; objective reason is not an option in this conversation.

After a few minutes of delicate discussion, I look inside her pill bottle and notice she has both of yesterday's pills, (amlodipine and simvastatin), combined into one bottle. 

Upon a gentle interview, I discern she poured them both together because she thought they looked the same.

Much more follow up was completed and the immediate complication resolved; however, just meditate for a few minutes on the gravity of her situation.