Meaningful Purpose

In 1980, at the age of 62, Dad retired from a long career with Lockheed Martin as a “non-college-graduate” rocket engine propulsion technician. 

For many years his identity and self-value was maintained by this position.

In the Spring of 1980 I was a junior in high school, so it was actually nice having Dad around; however, the long walks with our dog and yard maintenance were not enough to keep him from becoming idle. 

Soon enough he became an indispensable fixture at St. Michaels church; maintaining the grounds as well as internal maintenance issues that would arise. He was an all-around handyman and this was a perfect opportunity to utilize his skill set. (useful purpose)

Sometime around 1990 Mom’s health began to deteriorate with a couple heart surgeries as well as a shortened bowel and all that goes along with that process. Dad instantly became the primary care giver, managing absolutely every aspect of Mom’s care for the next 4 years. (useful purpose)

After Mom passed, Dad moved to be near his children. He lived for another 10 years; however, he never again found his groove.

Life without meaning is empty. (no useful purpose)

Of course retirement financial planning is important; supposedly, we all do it to some degree.

More importantly, IMHO, is planning for what will bring meaning and value (and useful purpose) to our life in retirement.

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