So you think you want to be a pharmacist?


How did you choose your profession?

One evening, during the Winter of 1980.

I was a junior in high school, downstairs in our basement, tuning my skis for an upcoming trip to Tahoe.

Dad came down to visit and we had the discussion (again) about what I was going to study in college. It was gentle, yet directional with intent.

He knew I needed a plan; he was encouraging me to develop it before it was directed at me.

My thoughts at the time; I wanted an advanced degree without 8 years of school, the guarantee of a well-paying position when I graduated, and the option to choose any city in the country to go to.

After a month of spread sheets, pharmacy filtered to the top.

“I’ve decided Dad, I’m going to pharmacy school.”

Right or wrong, this system worked for me. Graduating in 1987 I was able to pick the city I wanted to go work in.

For me, I wasn't initially excited about my profession. It took me 10 years of practice (and a little self-honesty) to find my specific calling;  however, my passion grew exponentially with a defined niche.

Nearly 4 decades later I’m still at it, albeit, only part time.