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Now that A Pharmacist's Story has been published and AudibleRx has been donated, it's time to get back to my blog page! 

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Moving forward, my blog will focus on authentic life, true love, family and the practice of pharmacy. I look forward to sharing my emotions and thoughts on many different topics in the coming year. 

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Happy New Year

me:  "Hi, my name is Steve, and I am a pharmacist"
everyone:  "Hi Steve"

You may recognize me from my years of blogging for AudibleRx.  This is different.  AudibleRx is designed specifically to help patients understand their medications, participate in their treatment, and increase their chances of a positive outcome of therapy.  ViewpointRx, on the other hand, is my opinion on all things pharmacy.

I've been practicing pharmacy for over 31 years now, and working as an intern, technician or clerk for 5 years prior to that, which gives me over 36 years working in pharmacies.  During that time, I have worked in 12 community pharmacies and 5 hospital pharmacies, performing all duties from running the register and stocking the shelves to directing a hospital pharmacy (and everything in between).

To the best of my calculations, I have spent more than 8000 days working in some type of pharmacy.  During that time I have directly worked with (side by side) over 75 pharmacists and 150 pharmacy technicians and clerks.  I'm just saying, pharmacy has been a major portion of my life for nearly 4 decades.

My goal here, with ViewpointRx, is to share my thoughts and insights on whatever portion of the pharmacy world happens to be in front of me when I sit down to write.  This process may seem a bit unstructured, and those of you who know me will question my ability to do unstructured; however, trust me, it will all come together in the end.

Those of you who know me also know that it has not always been an easy road navigating this pharmacy lifestyle.  As my willingness permits, I will share some personal stories of difficult times, acceptance and growth that, hopefully, may inspire others to work through their demons.

As well, from time to time the news cycle drops a bomb on the pharmacy world.  Invariably, I always have an opinion on what is happening.  This will be a forum for my opinion on what it is all about.  Hopefully, this blog will encourage some engaging and educated discussions in the comment field.

Remember, the opinions expressed here in this blog are just that, my opinions.