Medication Education


We believe that Consumer Medication Information (CMI) should be USEFUL, ACCESSIBLE, and FREE to everyone.

Useful, as defined by the FDA Guidance Document on Written Consumer Medication Information while also being Accessible to those challenged with literacy or visual difficulties.  In addition, anyone and everyone may access the web app at

Rather than the pharmacy leaflets patients receive with their prescription, consumer medication information provided by AudibleRx has the potential to be accessible and useful to a much larger percent of the population.

AudibleRx provides Consumer Medication Information in an easy-to-listen audible format.  When accessed on the AudibleRx web app. the consumer will LISTEN to a human voice narrate the information session. The consumer will then have the option to scroll the screen and read along with the narration.

Our education program is about consistent medication information patients can understand.

With both a search bar and alphabetical listing, patients or caregivers can easily choose their medications from the AudibleRx library.

Whether at the hospital bedside or pharmacy counter, patients are regularly counseled about multiple prescriptions in less than two minutes. The patient is then sent home with stacks of medication leaflets that may be difficult to read.

The intent of providing Consumer Medication Information to patients is to supplement (not replace) the counseling they receive from their healthcare provider.

After a patient or caregiver listens to a medication information session on AudibleRx they will have a clear understanding of what they do and don’t know about their medications and be in a much better position to take educated questions to their own health care provider.

Patients who understand and participate in their treatment are more likely to have positive outcomes, fewer medication misadventures, and decreased likelihood of being readmitted to the hospital.

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